GOODBYE 2006 the year from HELL

What a fucked up year you’ve been and I’m thankful it’s over.

2006 might have been good for the Democrats but not for me and my family.

My husbot and I both lost our Mothers. His Mother died of a stroke at the age of 85 the day after her birthday. My Mother passed away at the age of 74 from breast cancer. She never drank a drop of alcohol or smoked anything. She died much too young and too suddenly.

My Husbot got laid off from his job of 15 years after us moving from our home of 8 years in San Diego. He has had little luck finding new employment and I now work for 4 different companies and still not even close to full time.

Health problems have plagued me and most of the people I know. My health problems that have not gotten any better and with no way of going to a doctor because of no health insurance there is no hope of it getting better any time soon.

Although I made new friends this year I also lost people I had thought I knew and thought I could trust. Turns out he was simply con-artist lying in wait for the first simpleton he could take advantage of. He betrayed my trust and made public some photos I never gave him permission to post on public forum. My privacy was not important to him as long as he got the attention he craves.

I lost the place on the internet I spent time at to make friends and share information because of him and now my trust in men as been lowered ever further because of his actions and how he treated me and treats his own wife. It is a much larger disappointment to me then any of my true friends realize and has left me feeling discouraged and saddened at how people treat each other. I see now that this world is not going to get any better and that people really will do what ever they want to others no matter how many it hurts.

I was lucky to make a few good true friends from that place. It is now over run with women hating, opportunistic men that hang there everyday just waiting for their next victim. It is no longer the place I first visited where people gathered to share information and to come up with a plan to get rid of the common enemy that is George W. Bush.

It wasn’t all bad. 2006 had some moments of joy mixed in with all the shit, but those moments got over shadowed by the all shit.

I got to meet friends in person that I had only been able to communicate with on the internet. I’m so happy that I did get to meet them because they turned out to best people I have met in a very long time. Those were the happiest moments of 2006 besides getting to spend some time with my daughters that are now grown and gone. I live in a place with some really great people now, but my fear of being taken advantage of and one of them dying creeps in and ruins what friendships I could be making.

So, good riddance 2006, may 2007 bring better days to everyone. But I really don’t see that happening. Bush and Chainey are still in office, People in Iraq are still dying.

Africa is a mess I can’t even fathom. Greed and Global warming seems to be our biggest problem and most Americans are still just ignoring it.

Exxon seeks to get Alaska leases restored

JUNEAU, Alaska – Exxon Mobil Corp. wants a state Superior Court to overturn Alaska’s decision to revoke the company’s leases in the North Slope’s Point Thomson oil and gas field.

The Irving-based company asked the court to reverse the ruling or “in the alternative, to remand the matter to the commissioner with instructions to make a new and different decision.”

Alaska Department of Natural Resources acting Commissioner Marty Rutherford has backed the decision by her predecessor, Mike Menge. He found last month that Exxon Mobil – which operated the field on behalf of itself and other companies – had failed to come up with a viable plan for developing the field’s vast reserves.

This lawsuit is among four, plus a complaint, filed by oil and gas companies. All are related to the Point Thomson issue and are being reviewed by attorneys for the state’s natural resources agency.


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I guess our country forgot Ford Pardoned Nixon

President and Mrs. Richard Nixon sitting in the living room of their San Clemente home 01/13/1971
President and Mrs. Richard Nixon sitting in the living room of their San Clemente home

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nixon on the beach in San Clemente 01/13/1971
Richard and Mrs. Nixon on the beach in San Clemente

Casa Pacifica from the beachCasa Pacifica Office

Piehole comment: I have no respect for Ford. He was a bumbling idoit who pardoned Nixon and then Nixon got to live out the rest of his days in a Huge home with locked gates and security in San Clemente California overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

I wonder where Bush will live when they pardon him.

Tax forms mailed with Soc. Sec. numbers

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MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin’s revenue agency said Friday that it sent as many as 170,000 forms to taxpayers with mailing labels mistakenly printed with their Social security Numbers.

The state Department of Revenue was scrambling to alert taxpayers to be on the lookout for the mailings.

“We want to prevent any chance identity theft might occur,” department spokeswoman Meredith Helgerson said. An agency news release included an apology to taxpayers and a statement that steps were being taken “to make sure that this will never happen again.”

The misprinted labels, blamed on a computer error while they were being prepared, went to taxpayers who have used the basic Form 1, a long paper form for individuals, according to the department.

Those who filed their taxes with other forms, had a professional service prepare their taxes or filed electronically were not affected, she said.

Helgerson said the erroneously labeled mailings were sent to post offices, although some that went to the Madison and Portage post offices had not gone out, allowing the state to prevent them from being mailed.


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