16 thoughts on “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Cabin Eggs and Bacon

  1. Samantha

    I am very much interested in these shoes. They are very unique and it would be a privilege to own them. These shoes would be a great addition to my collection of Chuck Taylors, Thanks!

    1. JOYH

      Hey i have a pair and was wondering if you knew how many were currently in circulation now. Your comment is from 10+ years ago so i’m sure they are more valuable now.

  2. Penny

    to find these all i did was go to google images and type in “bacon and eggs converse” and i got a bunch of pictures..then you click on one. i found one site that had them where you could order them but they were $80.00

    but im trying to find a pair for my friend for her birthday so im looking for the lowest place…hopefully thats NOT the lowest

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