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It’s been a year since I first uploaded something to this place in cyberspace.

I have become overwhelmed at the amount of bad news there is out there. Plus I work two jobs and keeping this blog running has become a job in itself in which I do not get paid for Soooooo…. there ya have it.

Here are the Stats for The Open Piehole starting on Sept 30, 2006

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Thanks to all the people out there who posted comments to the Open Piehole… The Good the bad the Spam I loved it all.  The comment section will stay up and open with the contents of this Cyberpiehole. Feel free to post, read, and take.

Hope somebody out there found something they could use here.

The Open Piehole says goodbye with the video that it started with.

Free Hugs!!!

 Peace! XOXO

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A lame attempt to justify being paid to kill

Piehole Comment:  First of all they would not be protecting my loved ones because my loved ones are not Rich Men. Even as they try to justify their jobs you can see that they are MERCENARIES!  No matter how you slice it. Killing is killing and when you get paid to do it you are a MERCENARY!

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