The Piehole Recommends Quorn

Quorn all-natural, meat-free frozen foods.

I just tried this product for the first time and I’m happy to say I liked it very much.

I have to say even though I’m a veggie I have a hard time stomaching some of the fake meat products out on the market today. This product however I have been enjoying with no horrible side effects or rather Sound effects!
It is made from fungi.

They are not chicken and they really don’t taste like chicken but they are good all on there own. They can be called chicken like because that is what they come the closest to resembling. I tried the frozen Quorn tenders in a stir fry and it came out really tasty. Better than I’d hoped for!
Cooked up easy, tasted good, high in protein low in fat and best of all not made from animals!  LOVE IT!

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