Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks ‘Wii Fit’ is a game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Somebody please set this little airhead straight before she ruins this for everyone.
It is suppose to be an exercise tool.

Swiss police spy marijuana field with Google Earth

ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) — Swiss police said Thursday they stumbled across a large marijuana plantation while using Google Earth, the search engine company’s satellite mapping software.

Police said the find was part of a bigger investigation that led to the arrest of 16 people and seizure of 1.2 tons (1.1 metric tons) of marijuana as well as cash and valuables worth 900,000 Swiss francs ($780,000).

Officers discovered the hemp field in the northeastern canton (state) of Thurgau last year while investigating an alleged drug ring, said the head of Zurich police’s specialist narcotics unit Norbert Klossner.

The plantation, measuring almost two acres (7,500 square meters), was hidden inside a field of corn. But officers using Google Earth to locate the address of two farmers suspected of involvement in the drug operation quickly spotted the illegal crop.

“It was an interesting chance discovery,” said Klossner.


Ashton Kutcher Cell Video Blasts “F*cking Jackass Neighborla

WOW!  He has a roof over his head and food in his belly and he will never
have to beg for either and he is complaining about being woken up at 7:00am!

Talk about spoiled rotten Americans.  Maybe he could take all that rage and put it towards good use.  Like maybe something like the video posted just below this one.

Seeing someone who has so much, complain about something so petty is really eye opening to just how lazy and stupid most us really, really are!