3 thoughts on “Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

  1. I also wonder each day about all the chimps at Chimp Eden and staff–how are they all doing what is going on—if I were still working I would have gone to great length to actually go there(even fly) but now I have to rely on trying to get something done about getting new shows on so we can all follow chimps and human progress with the sanctuary-Ann Terwiliger

  2. Becca

    I really want the show Escape to Chimp Eden back on the air. I would also like to know what has happened to the Chimps. Are they alive and did they ever make it back to the wild? And is the cast of the show alright?

  3. Sheryl Roark

    WHERE IN THE H*** is “ESCAPE TO CHIMP EDEN”???????????????????????????????????????????
    Escape to chimp eden is the GREATES SHOW IN CREATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ZWhat Eugene Cussons and the people at Chimp Eden are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!! What they do is the MOST SELFLESS thing in creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    B R I N G THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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