218 thoughts on “Escape To Chimp Eden: Eugene Cussons

  1. Susan

    I watched a rerun of Escape to Chimp Eden this morning, and it was the episode where he had his first child. I was intrigued by the Chimp Bruce who was ailing. What happened to Bruce?

    1. Pamela

      Bruce had to be left behind because he was too ill and weak to survive the journey….he died about a week later….Eugene was crushed….

  2. Dude

    I wish they would bring orangutan island, chimp Eden back. I get up at 4:45 every morning Mon-fri to watch them. It comes on at 5a.m here in Alabama. BRING THEM BACK AP.. my 10 year old daughter gets up with me to watch before she goes to school.

    1. ej morrison

      I’m up at 5:00am and the “monkeys” start my day happy. I really don’t like the replacement “big cat diary”.

      1. I am very upset about AP new programming as well. I too use to watch Orangatan Island and Escape to Chimp Eden, then Big Cat Diary. I really enjoyed them all. I really am sick of most of Animal Planet’s programming and have to boycott the channel. So many of theIr shows have nothing to do with animals, unless you mean the human being. Tree-house masters, insane pools, ice cold gold, and all the other people based shows don’t belong on AP. I have decided to watch NatGeo Wild from now on. They have woderful documentories on all sorts of animals. Also at time so does BBC and the Smithsonian channel. So much for AP, bye bye you are no longer on my tv.

        1. Irvin L Sentz

          I too got up every morning and put on animal planet to watch orangutan island and chimp eden. People like shows on primates because they relate and see human traits in them. Bring back the 2 best shows ap has!!!

        2. I am so happy to hear of so many supporters of Orangatan Island and Escape to Chimp Eden. I really wish they would have continued to film new episodes or at the least given us updates on the orangs and chimps. I think many people got attatched to them as I did and like to know how they are now. Since I am no longer watching ap I have found many animal or nature documentaries on not only natgeo wild, but also on BBC and Smithsonian channel, especially early in the mornings. Hope you also find some good nature programming to replace ap.

      2. I set my alarm for 6:00 am EST to start my day with orangutan island followed by escape to chimp eden. For the last three weeks it has been replaced with the big cat diary and I totally agree with you – I don’t like the replacement at all. I am not a big fan of the big cat diary but not watching the orangutans and the chimps has changed my mood, it is almost like a withdrawal. Does anyone know when the two show will return?

        1. HELLO Animal Planet !! Are you listening to these folks who love these shows and want them back? Or maybe you just don’t care. Too bad we don’t have some say about the programming that we “pay” to watch. I can’t find a way to leave feedback on Animalplanet.com

      3. Sheila Kitelinger

        Yeah! Me either, ej morrison!!!
        Animal Planet was AWESOME when Orangutan Island & Escape To Chimp Eden were on!
        They made a really “BAD” judgement call when they took these BRILLIANT shows off the air!!! I’m really upset by this! I watch both the reruns every morning at 5:30 here in Texas.

    1. Sheila Kitelinger

      YES! I forgot about “Meerkat Manor”
      Loved that show, as well. AP has lost a lot of viewers, I believe!!!

  3. Charlene Wendell

    Escape to Chimp Eden and Orangutan Island were my favorite shows. Why did Animal Planet end the contracts with these two wonderful programs. I am sad and disappointed about the decision to end these two shows. We have a difficult time finding good programing and when we find a few, it is taken off the air. Animal planet, what are you thinking??????

  4. I am so very disappointed that ap has discontinued Orangutang Island, Escape to Chimp Eden and Big Cat Diary. They were on from 6am to 8am mon.-fri. Even though they were reruns I enjoyed them more them more than any other programming on ap. Who wants to watch building expensive pools, tree houses and other stuff that has nothing to do with wildlife or trying to save it. I would love to see updates of the chimps and orangs. I really miss them and would love to see how they have grown and changed. I would also love to see how Eugene, his family and Phillip are doing. I have been so amazed all Eugene gave of himself to save chimps. Some of the comments that were made about Eugene and Phillip were not quite accurate. Read Eugene’s book, Saving Chimpanzees and you will better understand how and why some things happened. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, but I think Eugene and Phillip, with all the knowledge and experience they have did the very best they could. I have a great deal of respect for both of them. Now I wish there was a way to convince ap to bring back some updated shows about the chimps,orangs and the big cats.

      1. sal

        Don’t know where you live but they Animal Planet didn’t take anything off the air. Orangutan Island, Chimp Eden is STILL being aired, maybe your still asleep and your missing it!!!!!!

  5. bobby boy

    Please bring back Orangutans and Chimps any way on Animal Plant instesd of this dumb stubb showing slobs doing who knows what! All crap

  6. maureen

    I have only become a fan of Chimp Eden as of late, (2015). Also, since my computer had crashed and has only just been replaced I was unable to visit the chimp eden website.

    Consequently, I only recently became aware of the chimp attack by Nicki, and Amedeus.

    But let me just say that….
    Both Eugene and Phillip were two of the most heroic individuals I have seen anywhere. I so enjoyed their aspirations and triumphs. Eugene reminded me of a young Indiana Jones, especially when he would climb trees and jump fences.

    No one is minimizing the attack on the young research student. I am sure that both Eugene and Phillip were beside themselves. But what has happened to the two attacking chimps and more importantly what has happened to Phillip and Eugene????

    The fans of Animal Planet deserve to know. We want more episodes….no, we demand more episodes. I don’t want to see how to build pools, or how to pan for gold, or ship swapping, I want to see the chimps and orangutans. Isn’t that what animal planet should be about. Please, please Eugene and Phillip come back to us. Let us see what happened and where chimp eden is now. We all love you and miss you!!!

  7. Am I the only one to notice how HARD IT IS TO FIND ANY INFORMATION ON THE VICIOUS CHIMP-ON-CHIMP ATTACK that the Nikki-Amadeus group carried out on the chimp Charles, years before the same ones attacked student Andrew Oberle? You can only find it by accident as part 2 of “The Story of Charles and Jessica.” There is no Chimp Eden link to this video, no forensic description of the series of vicious repeated attacks in which ALL THE GROUP with great zeal tried to kill him and nearly succeeded ANYWHERE; it could have been an episode but Animal Planet never aired or posted it. Cussons finally got it ended after several blasts from a very loud pistol, pepper spray, and luring the attackers away with food. Seeing its savagery, you have to wonder whether Cussons and the sanctuary should have done more to isolate the killers after this first attack since it was now almost an inevitability that these guys would try to kill a human… because they LIKE it.

    1. Kelly

      They did air that episode just yesterday morning.they show some episodes every morning on AP and yesterday and the day b4 the aired the Charles Jessica episode.and they showed the attack on yesterday’s episode.any other day it’s just reruns of the show.but they showed the episode where they attacked Charles.thats just simple chimp politics for u.u don’t like it don’t watch or have anything to do with the world and nature.because that’s how things work.and for the incident with Andrew he was giving a tour and was educated and introduced to the chimps and made a wrong move.with chimps it’s that ez to take something the wrong way.and unfortunately that’s wat happened but this in any way is not Eugene’s fault.he or no one can tell when and if a chimp is gng to act out.and Andrew knew the dangers going into this and knew the liability of working with chimps.

      1. Yes they finally aired it in a 3 part series that was originally filmed YEARS ago and which everyone who volunteers at or works for Chimp Eden should be required to watch, because it shows 1) how dangerous these are and always have been; 2) Eugene and Phillip do not have a great track record at being prepared for outdoor enclosure introductions: Amadeus shoul NEVER have been held back to be released in a long display of “catch-up” ; the three males should have left the indoor area together, because the longer Amadeus ran, the longer he had to get charged up in attack -to-kill mental state, Eugene had no pistol and ammunition with him initially, and the vets were not available to tranquilizer-dart the murder-minded 2 male offenders; it was NOT done “by the book”; and 3) knowing how these adult chimps had treated and bloodied up the females AND Charles before, they never should have chosen the adult family for Charles, but the decision was made heart over head because Eugene wanted an infant enclosure he could have entered and played with the babes, and Charles would have precluded that in that group. I bet 3/4 who saw this 3 part movie at 5 AM this week were SHOCKED to see the foreshadowing in what happened to Oberle and what did happen to Charles–even the females were eating him, and he was dragged or driven to several “crime scenes” and this did not occur as one episodic gang fight–it started and was stopped on several locations and occasions. It too went on and on and ON and established a pattern that perhaps Eugene should have used that pistol thus preventing the chance that this could ever happen to a human volunteer. And Oberle’s body and spirit would be intact. Every possible scenario should have been gone over. Phillip did not know how to use his pepper spray. The vets could have darted the attackers. As a trial run, the Charles attack was a clear staff fail, human error. The guns and ammunition should have been there, the water cannon, the handlers with fruit. Oberoe’s lawyers are surely salivating over the lack of counter measures in place after such graphic evidence that these chimps were conspiratorial murderers, which is why they were at Chimp Eden and not the Johannesburg Zoo, which saw its liability and got rid of them.

      2. It was a horrible episode…! And I have said that sooner or latter it will all come out about Eugene and his little group of chimps he could play with.. He was attacked him self when he climbed a tree on two occasions, I believe that is why he is no longer director at Chimp Eden… Not only that he makes assumptions of things and people as to there intentions as to why they have a chimp… or in one episode he says a chimp is drinking booze because there was a beer bottle on the ground… I have been to a few beaches in my life time and have seen beer bottles on the ground does that mean that a chimpanzee was feed booze there as well…

  8. s.frye

    hi i hope everyone is doing well natasha doing well/ and the baby/ well i hope to see more new episodes soon. Love to hear how jao, toni zak, cozi, the wing man claudette mimi josephine and everyone else jinga and i hope phillip is also doing well, the person i thought was kinda funny was mading when thought you guys were going to die trying to crate the chimps on that one rescue.

  9. Caroline Maracle

    I just started watching Chimp Eden 2014. Since then I have found out about the mauling. A tragedy. The young man should have followed the rules. I realize it is several years since the event. I am going to miss this show!!!! I am going to miss Eugene Cussons because of his remarkable talent and limitless compassion for these abused chimps. WHO else is brave and courageous enough to take up the cause. We need people to care and none cared as much as Eugene Cussons.

  10. Jeanne Travis

    Jeanne……I love Orangutan Island and Chimp Eden, Have them taped every day so that I don’t miss an episode. Just found them this year. Please keep these shows on as it is so informative as to chimps and apes. They are so real and Lona and Eugene are so com-passionate and would hate to see this end. We don’t have many good programs on any more and would hate to loose this one. Thanks

    1. Helen

      Ditto!! Chris is an idiot! He must not have seen that only 2 of about 6 or 8 baby chimps followed Eugene up the tree. Chris, did u not trust that Eugene said these particular baby chimps had not been taught to climb???I believe everything Cussons did was “for the chimps”. He OWNS the place & doesn’t have to show off for anyone!
      My only problem w / the attacks is that Phillip or Eugene should be available at all times during tours and equipped/trained (which they both are) to uthernize a chimp w a GUN, & keep a dart gun close by for emergencies and closer than Eugene was–12 minutes away. He can’t be right where needed 24/7. Give the man a break. So sad.

  11. Melissa

    Animal Planet TV should bring back Chimp Eden and Orangutan Island….How else will people know about the trouble and financial strain that it takes and viewing these shows will actively show this and the compassion of people with the funds will donate and hopefully AP TV gives donations as they pay actors money for filming.

  12. chris

    IIt’s a fact that donations for Orangutans increase greatly when Orangutan Island ran new episodes or specials like Orangutan Diaries airs, I’m sure it’s the same for Chimp Eden. AP is well aware of this too but they still canceled the shows, no matter how AP tries to sell us on how much they care and do for the Animal world I can’t help but think of those facts and disagree. Orangutans especially are literally on the edge of a cliff that is rapidly eroding and need every bit of help they can get to maintain the species in the wild but I guess cooperate greed looks out for it’s own (AP and Palm oil industry)
    To be honest I like what the JGI concept is and what they do for Chimps, I watched every Chimp Eden , Orangutan Island, diaries, growing up, etc..but I have to say that I didn’t agree with some of the methods Eugene used in that show. To me he looked more like someone showing off for the cameras, I am not saying he doesn’t care , I am saying that alot of it like climbing trees seemed like it was for the camera. You don’t need to teach baby chimps being introduced into an established chimp group how to climb a tree, that’s what the other chimps do. I always felt that for Eugene it was more about him being able to play with them on camera.I didn’t understand how he could leave his pregnant wife who was nearing her due date to go play with some baby chimps . My pregnant wife would have been my priority PERIOD especially when there’s a chance I might get stranded somewhere and not be back in time. How come no other place that I’ve seen goes to “get to know” the orphans by flying out for play sessions before they arrive ? There are other qualified staff that could have gone if it was even needed. I am not saying he does what he does so he can have playmates, I have no doubt the man cares, if I had seen some of the despicable things humans do to chimps I would not have as much self control as him but compared to the professionals I usually see at the primate sanctuaries some of his methods raise questions in me.

    1. Cynthia Wall

      I didn’t see him as showing off for the cameras at all. I saw what he was doing as a way to gain some some trust from the chimps and it was also a way to be able to work with them as well.

      When the one chimp escaped the enclosure and she was up in the trees near the adult enclosure, because of him having worked with the chimps he knew how to best approach the situation to be able to help her. After she came down from the trees she went to him. When she put her arms around him and was allowing him to finally hold her. I think she finally understood she was safe.

      I see a person who truly cares about making a difference for these animals , he wants to see them living free and happy!!

    2. Marilyn

      I didn’t see Eugene as showing off. If any man or woman is on a mission in life they don’t wait around for the wife to give birth. They plan to be there but sometimes men just can’t be there. Women have families, both his and hers, to be there for her. That is not a good reason for the rescue of chimps to stop. In the end, he was there with her. She was due in a few months anyway.

    3. With cutting and splicing scenes back and forth in time, we don’t even know if Cussons WAS in Sudan in the weeks prior to the birth of his daughter. They could easily have gotten Hayley born and then goneboff to film the baby chimps getting rescued. There was something fishy about those two episodes to me, about permits, permits, permits. He knew there were two more baby chimps before he left for Sudan, he was in Sudan for weeks in which he could have applied for 2 more permits; does this take months or years? And since Cussons frequently has a South African vet come with or meet him out of country for darting and blood tests, a vet could have come to run more blood work on baby Bruce, get him the correct medicine, and accompany him back to the medical care in S Africa, and Bruce might have lived after all. Gene seemed defeatist from the beginning about those non existent permits and Bruce’s waning health.

    4. Oh this “You don’t like it, don’t watch it” argument of Kelly’s does NOT apply to anything I posted. I DO like it and I do go back and watch it sometimes in slow motion to be sure I saw what I thought I saw, over and over again. My point was a simple syllogism: the film “Charles and Jessica,” made long before the attack on Oberle, was not until this week on Animal a planet in 3 parts, easy to find. I had to dig for days before I found a site where it was not blocked. The film showed behavior by Amadeus and Nicky which demonstrated why they were dangerous and why the Johannesburg Zoo sent them away, because they were capable of working together in the act of attempted murder, which the females in the group joined. This to ANYONE’s mind was frighteningly similar to what they did to Oberle, and certainly raised questions about whether staff at the sanctuary had a life-saving or preventative plan which would immediately go into effect at the outbreak of chimp on chimp or chimp on human violence. That they made it up as they went along shows that no such plan was in place (vets with dart guns, accurate and easily operated pepper spray, the water cannon truck for putting out fires, flares, deterrents, stun guns, netting, lethal force weapons and non lethal force weapons designed to sting the attackers away, such as a .20 gauge shotgun which would have felt to them like killer bee stings, if that. AND that perhaps a separate maximum security indoor/outdoor enclosure should have been built then, instead of after these 2violent males nearly killed Oberle regardless of what mistakes Oberle made (Cussons has made them too and gotten lucky.) my argument : This murderous attack happened. If it was likely to happen again, plans should have been made as counter-measures, as clear to the staff as fire drills. No such measures were taken and it did happen again, this time to a human. Eugene was so traumatized that he left. The new JGI policies include1) No human interaction or “teaching” inside outdoor enclosures and 2) no more plans to release the sanctuary chimps anywhere. Now the Cussons family game preserve is stuck with having a hotel, many acres of their land, and a restaurant in the middle of their property, and if they want any role at all, I assume they take the tour like anybody else. And Gene has taken up the thrill-seeking life which was his trajectory to begin with, flying experimental personal aircraft all over the world and heading a youth conservation movement which has gained no traction. But we know he hears Cozi’s endearing displays from his house all the time, and all those friendships have abruptly ended. It cannot mean anything but regret to Eugene, who doubtless feels responsible for his young protoge’s health and permanently disfigured body, plus the specter of lawsuits which could shut down JGI and have the Cussons whole family living in condos in Johannesburg. He must live haunted, as doubtless the Oberle family feels is the least possible bad consequence, because while Cussons racescexperimental aircraft, their disfigured for life son struggles through surgeries, prosthetics, and the years of painful physical therapy which will give his body alternate means of functioning, not to mention his likely PTSD. Those were the points I was trying to make. The long, vicious, multi-staged attack on Oberle was avoidable, even taking into account his own violations of procedure. If he had seen the “Charles and Jessica” movie, Amadeus and Nicky would have been given the wide berth we give all attempted murderers.

  13. terri

    My kids and I watch and love this show Eugene seems to love understand and respect these chimps and they all need to come back.

  14. Gerald Lavelle

    Please bring back Escape To Chimp Eden.
    I watch it every morning with my 3 dogs.
    Thay listen to the chimp noises. They love when I tell them the story’s about bad ppl. That abuse Chimps.
    I think it is so educational. We need new episodes.

  15. Kelly macias


    I have been watching the reruns of Orangutan Island and Escape To Chimp Eden for a very long time. I LOVE these shows and would desperately love to see new shows. Please bring back Escape to Chimp Eden. I look forward to it every morning. Eugene is my hero. The things he does for those chimps is amazing. My favorite is when he rescues the babies. And when he jumps in the trees and on top of roofs is pretty impressive. Please, Please bring back the show. Come back Eugene!!!

  16. jaw

    Glad to see the chimps rescued and live and play with other chimps. We need more people to do what you and others are doing. The resources are needed. A lot of counties don’t have certain resources or the officials don’t want the resources to be known. Keep up the good work and may you be blessed.

  17. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do
    you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

    1. hmmm… not sure but it might just be that the titles are searched for a lot or it could be the tags you can add. I don’t always add tags but you could try that and see how it does. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Citori Borgeld

    I have just recently started watching Escape to Chimp Eden :) and I want to do something similar to what Mr. Cussons does with the chimps rescued when I grow up, so I want to know what I should do to start now and what I’ll have to do later

    1. Hello Citori, I read your comment and I think I know of someone who might be willing to
      tell you how to get started with Chimps. I have sent him a message and when I get a reply
      i will let you know. Have a wonderfilled day. peace

    2. Citori will you please contact me through the comments and I will give you the name and email address of a man that can help you with what you want to do. I also contacted Mr. Cussons through facebook and I’m waiting to hear back from him. I hope this helps you out.

  19. Nicky Delaveau

    I love The show Escape to Chimp Eden please please please sky tv bring it back it was the best thing on Animal Planet. A loyal fan in Auckland, New Zealand :-)

    1. Cheryl Jagger

      Dear Eugene, I just watched the episode where you went to Gabon, and I watched how you interacted with the babies and how they respond to you. It is heart warming. Then when you were leaving you ran across this chimp who was chained up as an attraction to make the owner money. You got out and gave that chimp some much needed attention and it truly brought a tear to my eye. What ever happened to that chimp? What you did and have done is totally awesome! I love the show chimp eden. Is it ever coming back??? Where is Phillip Cronjie? I am a true fan of the show and what it stands for. Sincerely, Cheryl

      1. joan

        i would like to know also about the chimp that Eugene saw on the side of the road chain up…he should have taken him ,tears to my eyes also

        1. Way old story…! There are no new episodes, and Eugene Cussons is on to other things after he was asked to step down as acting administrator of Chimp Eden..! Sorry to burst your bubble but he was not all what you have seen on television, and if you watch as long as I have you will see noticeable acts by Mr. Cussons which left a lot of people in question of his actual motives …!

        2. I can’t imagine what you are talking about. I’ve watched the show for years as well and realize they are all old shows. I’ve read Eugene’s book as well. I have a great deal of respect for him and thought he did a great job. I’m only sorry that Eugene is not in charge any longer and I would love to see how the chimps are doing now. I felt like I knew all of them and would like to see how all has progressed.

        3. I am sure as a fan of the show as where I, would find it difficult to notice all the behind camera problems that where having a effect on the well being of Chimp Eden and the chimpanzees…! But I assure you there where.. As for Eugene’s book, do you really think a young man such Eugene will wright his flaws as director of Chimp Eden in his book… Please don’t be so naive, and I am not trying to be insulting to you…! Even on film and televised, I could give you one small example. Lets think back to when Eugene was climbing once with Ja and another time with a female chimp who’s name escapes me for the moment where climbing in the tree in the infant compound when he was attacked by Ja the one time trying to get his boot off and another time when the female chimp tried to bite him in the neck… Ja was just curious of Eugene’s boot and got a full face of pepper spray to the face for just being curious.. As Eugene being director I found it, as others have, inappropriate for him being in the tree in the first place…His role there is to direct day to day operations and does not have a degree in animal biology, nor the knowledge needed as a animal behaviorist… Lets look at how many times just for the camera Eugene administered drugs to the chimps in order to sedate a chimp.. One such occasion was when Eugene was to rescue Thomas and Suzy and instead of injecting them to sedate them he used Valium in multiple dosages and took half the night because of the adult Suzy not wanting to enter the cage… And not only that he well knowing how chimps hate water used a garden hose and soaked the chimp for a couple hours as he himself confesses during the tape of the episode… Need I continue…! There are so many instances that all added up before he was asked to step down as director of operations… I understand you being animal lover as I, you wanting to see good in him as I once did as well but the facts are the facts… I wish him no ill tidings, I just believe it was a correct decision to ask him to step down…
          I wish you well… And thank you for your point of view, as I stated facts and view points of my own…

        4. I can appreciate the “Facts” as you see them. I am not naive, I just choose the best in people. I still have a great deal of respect for Eugene. He would be the first one to admit he makes mistakes, we all do, but I think he is very sincere about saving Chimps. You have never been in his position so you have no clue what you’d do, especially with Ja. You are entitled to your opinion, I just don’t agree with you. I will continue to support Eugene Cussons and Chimp Eden. I just wish AP would bring it back with new episodes.

  20. Hi Eugene I am a big fan of the show escape to chimp eden. Is the show coming back? I am so proud of what you are doing with saving those chimps from the horrors that they have been put thru and are being put thru. They deserve so much better. It is sickening how people can treat an animal so horribly. When Abu and Gita passed it truly brought a tear to my eye. I looked forward to watching the show every morning to see what was going on. Then all of a sudden there was no more show. What has happened to you, Charles, the chimps???? I would love to hear from you concerning this subject??? Thank you for all the hard work you have done on behalf of the chimps. I know that they have been happier since.
    Loyal fan in the U.S.

  21. noma ntsomi

    Hi Eugene I’m a huge fan of your show escape to chimp eden,I’m very proud of what you doing saving those chimps en giving them a second chance in life en I want know how is Charles,did manage to get along with Jessica? Pls reply!!

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  23. Rebecca Routon

    This was one of my all time favorite shows to watch. The way Eugene and Phillip interacted with the abused chimps, and gave them back the life they were born to have, was one of the most wonderful things that has been put on television! It was so awesome to see those magnificent animals come to feel safe and to realize they had the ability to live life to the fullest. I think Eugene and Phillip are heroes and if I had a million dollars, they would get a whole lot of it!! Has there ever been any explanation for why this great show was taken off TV?

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  25. Linda

    I agree with everyone! I miss these shows sooooo very much! What can we do to get them back? (or who can I contact to see what the heck is going on?)

  26. Shirlee Lott

    I get reruns at 3 and 3:30am and record them and watch later. I am a 78 year old woman and these are my favorite shows on tv. I just can’t believe that AP took these 2 wonderful shows off and replaced them with mindless shows that are on now. I will not watch AP except for Chimp Eden and Orangatan Island. Please do your viewers a favor and put these back on..

  27. brohem

    Eugene and the rest of the gang are legally bound by a court order to keep the reasons for the end of show confiential. I imagine Animal Planet would be too.

    The show was cancelled when it could no longer afford required insurance levels after the Amadaeus / Nicky attack. It is also rumored that an uncdisclosed aggreement was made between the parties with the cancellation of the show as part of the deal. Eugene has a young child as well but he has remained silent as has Jane Godall about his feelings leaving Chimp Eden. He may well have fallen on his sword as we still see Jane and Phillip taking care of the chimps.

    The footage of the attack and Nikki’s shooting has been erased and all visitors were asked for their film in order to protect the apes. The videos were never played. The official story is that the student went inside the 1st fence and was removing a rock when he was grabbed and pulled under the electrified primary fence. At that point there were at least 5 tourist filming.

    The attack was more vicious than anything we have seen on the show x 1000.

    Primate researchers say that the chimps were defending their teritory, Amadeus is the Alpha with Nicky as his second. A stranger stepping towards the fence could easily be seen as a threat. The two top males, who are both described as damaged, would react unpredictably.

    However, it is interesting to notice the placement of the rock. It was 6 inches from the fence.
    If a video were to show that the chimps had set a trap with the intent of grabing someone then they would have been euthenized. No such film exists and Amadeus and Nicky, after some indoor solitary, have returned to the encloser.

    The family structure is still the same with Amadeus at top followed by Nicky then Cozi. Cozi has become a suragate father/mother to the younger chimps. His castration has left him unsure of his gender.

    1. Katy

      Sal I agree, Brohem you are a moron

      ???? 1.Cozi is in the 2nd group not in with the adult group with Nicki and Amadeus.
      2. Escape to Chimp Eden has not been filmed for over 5 years, so Animal Planet has no liability for anything that has happened since then.

      The only thing I agree with in your comment is in the last few years, if you read Facebook or their OLD web page, Eugene and any mention of him is conspicuously absent and any questions about him are ignored. Also they announced that he is no longer involved with anything there and does not have any contact with the animals since the “””incident””” in July. Again no info and no questions answered, I wonder if this is due to lawsuits, liability etc. Very odd business. No longer Chimp Eden, now JGISA. Also no mention of rehabing the animals for release.

      What you all may have missed is that Nina, from Cozi and Joa’s group had a baby (failed birth control implant) that is now 1 month old, they had a 24/7 live camera for the last 3 months on her in the quarantine area, we got to see the birth live and Mom and baby for about 3 weeks. This was great. Even with the hard life Nina had she is a wonderful mother and they post videos on Facebook almost every day of her/baby or of the other chimpanzees. So if you want to catch up and see the grown up kids, check it out! https://www.facebook.com/JGISA. They think the daddy is either Charlie or Tony. Evidently Tony is quite the ladies man or chases them down anyway lol.

  28. katy

    Most of the “commecials” on Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery channels as well as other channels are promos for other shows on their networks or from lawyers trying to get people to join class action suiits. So obviously they do not need much if any advertising dollars to put there programing on the air, that alone should tell us all something. WRITE THE NETWORKS!!!!! If you don’t your time and opinions are wasted.

    Boycott these networks, if you have cable or satellite TV, make sure their channel is not on while you are watching something from your DVR. Yes the satelllite companies keep track of what channels you watch, how long you watch them and exactly what you watch. If you think I am paranoid and they do not do this call them up and ask, I did and they admitted that they did and then they sell the info. (I did not ask about selling the info but the info has to go somewhere for someone or why else would they do it)

  29. Dave

    I love the Chimp Eden show as well as Orangutan Island but it is clear these people don’t care about us at all. They got the money they needed from us and that is all they care about. Sorry; but that’s the truth.

    1. katy

      Copies from previous notes above:

      January 26, 2012 6:22 pm

      FYI I wrote to Animal Planet voicing the same objections as most of you. See below for a copy of their reply. Chimp Eden was canceled in 2007.

      Jan 19, 2010

      Dear Viewer,

      Thank you for contacting Animal Planet and for your interest in Escape To
      Chimp Eden. Currently, there are no plans for a season three of Escape To
      Chimp Eden.

      At Animal Planet we are extremely proud to have brought a hero such as
      Eugene Cussons and the work he does on behalf of chimps to a larger world
      audience. We are extremely committed to Eugene and the chimps in addition
      to Dr. Jane Goodall with whom we have worked for many years to raise
      awareness of the plight of not only chimps but other primates.

      As a television network, we aim to enlighten, inform and entertain our
      audience and connect them to the animal world in a deep and meaningful way.
      We feel we were able to accomplish that with two seasons of Escape To Chimp
      Eden and hope to find other avenues to continue to feature chimpanzees and
      the heroic work being done to save them around the world.

      We wish all our viewers were as passionate and dedicated to our programming
      as you are and hope that you will continue to find Animal Planet
      programming enriching and meaningful.


      Viewer Relations
      Animal Planet

      A reply to this message will not be answered. If you have additional
      questions or comments, please go to our webform at

      About all I see on Animal Planet, Discovery, TLC are reality shows about stupid humans, gives new meaning to ‘The Learning Channel’. Pretty pathetic. They could at least do yearly updates for the fans. I also would like to know what has happened to the Orangutans from Orangutan Island. The fans are just left hanging.

      Thanks for the forum to vent!

      February 25, 2012 5:05 am

      Respectfully to all who post here, write to the networks or sponsors, not only on a blog they will never see. I see many posts here that are well written by obviously intelligent, articulate people. Send these where they will do some good (they can be emailed), I did! If they got more feedback and people would stop watching the garbage they put on, maybe they would go back to the programing they used to have. The “reality” shows they put on are evidently cheap to produce and people watch them, why I cannot imagine. Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and TLC are all from the same network umbrella. Demand better programming, after all we are paying for it one way or another.

  30. Merrilyn McDonald

    I too have fallen in love with both Escape to Chimp Eden and Orangutan Island and have been looking forward to new seasons of each. I’m really saddened to learn Chimp Eden has been cancelled, and just saw that their website is currently down for maintenance, so I can’t even get updates there. I did, however, write an email voicing my feelings and desire for new seasons, or at least an update, to the network’s management, and I suggest you do the same. Go to http://www.animalplanet.com and go to the bottom of the page to “Corporate”, then click on “Viewer Relations”. You’ll need to answer the questions and eventually get to a list of shows. Click on Orangutan Island: Escape to Chimp Eden isn’t even listed any longer, and you’ll eventually have an opportunity to write your comments. If enough of us comment on Chimp Eden, maybe they’ll do something about bringing it back. I also requested they come to this site to see how much Eugene and the chimps are missed. Bring back Chimp Eden, Eugene, Cozi, Nikki, Amadeus, Jao, Martha and all the babies we adoringly watched rescued, but who are probably no longer babies. BRING BACK CHIMP EDEN, PLEASE!!

  31. Michelle Smith

    I’d really like to know what really happened to the cast of ESCAPE TO CHIMP EDEN. Once I started to watch that I couldn’t stop. Every morning I would watch it without a doubt. Watching everything that was done for the animal what is wonderful, as well as seeing all the things that Eugene and co-workers were doing for the chimps. They were adorable, I miss seeing Cozier, Abu, Jinga and so on. Bring them back and refresh our memory, or at least have the courtesy to tell us how they are doing.

  32. Judy Elks

    We have been watching the program – reruns, of course – for the last several weeks and even as retired old people, we love to learn about animals and their behaviors – it is a fascinating subject…we could do with less backwoods people acting stuipidly.

  33. Usha Bailey

    It is extremely important to put this positive show on the air.. You ask that the viewers become involved with the show, and then it gets yanked away. We need an update at least!

    1. Robert Skipper

      plase take off some of these shows that make people look foolish and put Chip Eden back on a show that teaches us something annd also Big Cat Dairies Swamp People is one of the great shows but the rest can go!!!!!!!!!!

      1. cheri

        i hope they listen and bring back the show although in june of this year nicki and amadeous attacked a volenteere and nearly killed him but it was his own fault …..nevertheless the show should be brought back to replace then stupid showes now airing.

  34. frankie pardue


  35. sheila w


  36. Desiree Favela

    Please re-sign the show to be on tv! I have a 10yr,7yr,3yr old who just love watching and learning from this show. It’s a shame there are no new series playing.

  37. mary carnagio

    why is it not coming back, I just got so interested in it. He is needed, and we need to see the good, and kind work that he does! Seriously…hillbilly fishing, and all those others- and escape to chimp eden isn’t coming back?? What can we do?

  38. sal

    I’m actually going to Chimp Eden to help out all because of the show, after a year or so of contacting people over there it finally going to happen. My love for Chimps is endless, I just want to help them out!

  39. I’m stuck watching depressing ASPCA all day. I love what they do, but all day! It gets too much, and too sad. I would love to have Chimp Eden on during the day! I would love it once in a while for new programing on an uplifting scale. Education is key to survival of all species so why don’t we work at it using this wonderful tool. Please, please bring back Chimp Eden! Come on ‘big wigs’ you can do it.

  40. Susan Lazicki

    I recently returned to the USA from an Island in Thailand where I spend my winters. I watch Animal Planets’ Escape to Chimp Eden. It is one of my favorite shows.
    Recently I had an e-mail:
    Click here to sign Elizabeth’s petition, “Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH): Release the Rockville 15 to a chimpanzee sanctuary”.
    It is a petition to release 15 Chimps held in Rockville, Md. by the NIH (National Health Institute).
    I wanted to contact Eugene about this and am reading that his show is no longer on TV.
    I strongly feel we need this man in our lives continuing his work.
    Any one know any details or how to get in touch with him?
    This petition is on http://www.Change.org if you would like to read more.
    Thanks Eugene for all of your compassion and hard work on behalf of the chimps!!!!!!

  41. My 9 year old came across the reruns of this show and now the whole family is hooked. We were so disappointed to learn that there are only two seasons. I would like to know if there is anything we can do to bring back the series. We record the episodes (on at 5:30 am) and watch them as a family in the evenings. This is a rarity with today’s programming!! PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Chimp Eden!!

  42. Gerald Rugg

    I have to agree with everyone. Animal Planet has take some pretty stupid progams and keeps showing them all day long ie Call of the wildman, and so on. Programs like Orangutan island, escape to chimp eden and big cat diary, that teach you something about these animals and shows that there are things possible we never thought would happen are taken off.

    There has to be a cost factor and dealing with people like Eugene and Nelson, they would rather give us the toothless wildman. Thanks Animal Planet.

  43. Murray Phillips

    Well, we may never know what happened to Chim Eden and Orangutang Island, however, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more episodes of the “Call of the Wildman” and “Pit Bulls and Parolees” to keep us entertained. Also, what has happened to “Big Cat Diary” ?

    Maybe, the sanctuary owners are secretly making a deal with National Geographic channel to resume the series!?

  44. Tammie

    I have loved the show from the begining. AP should at least let let the fans know whats going on at CHIMP EDEN and all of the chimps. I love the show so much and I would like to have some update on the chimps (at least).

  45. Kelly Valentine

    I have watched Chimp Eden since its first airing on Animal Planet… was so disappointed when it was taken off. I have just recently started to watch the reruns showing at 5:30 am central in the Chicago area. I Love this show it brings such awareness to the world of the horrible treatment of Chimpanzees. I think AP needs to bring this show back, some of the programing that is now airing on AP has ZERO VALUE and is a joke! Please bring Chimp
    Eden BACK!!! Or at the very least a special once in a while would be nice, we need to know whats going on at Chimp Eden… I tape it now and watch it with my Grandchildren and they love it. It brings such a awarness to what is going on in the world and the cruelty to the Animals that we share this planet with!!!


  46. Carl E.Olsen

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you and your family has done for the chimps. I would love to know how they all are doing. Mowgli,,I’ll bet he is getting big. And the larger in closure hope is going well. Please keep up the good work.be safe., and again thank you.

    Carl Olsen

  47. beth lloyd

    i’m not sure with whats going on…but escape to chimp eden needs to come back please…i’m anxious to know of whats going on with the chimps…i watch repeats everyday sometimes 3 to 4 times a day…i absolutly love this show…i especially love the cause…eugene,phillip and all who dedicate their lives to helping these chimps are AMAZING people…plz bring back the show…i would like to know how cozy is doing..my fave…i love them all but my fave group is jaos group….PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK

  48. justyn

    i am a kid who is 12 years old i get up at 6 in the morning to watch it and im very mad that it is not on the air ive seen all the episodes

  49. I had no idea that so many people like myself loved A Planets Chimp Eden. Eugene and Philip draw you into each episode and you begin to really care and want to watch out for all of the chimps. Please bring back this show.

  50. Kathy & Frank

    We have become avid vieweres of Chip Eden re-runs each weekday morning at 6:30 AM EST. We record every single episode and watch them all. It is by far one of the most facinating and enjoyable programs on AP. The plight of the Chimps and the efforts of Eugene, Jane Goodall and all involved is inspiratinal. You say your comitted but then why new episodes in the works? We assume the show uses the money from the sponsors to help offset some of the costs and overhead in taking care of the Chimps. If nothing else by bringing awareness. By not airing the show in prime time or developing new episodes, how do you feel you are continuing to help the plight of the Chmps and the Jane Goodall Institute Chip Eden? W feel if you were truly commited you would air the show during prime time instead of 6:30 AM. We disovered the show by accident. We are avid viewers of AP and always to check to see what is airing. Alot of the shows are rediculous. Chip Eden is educational and highlights a very good cause about an endagered species, Do you actually think Turtleman of Search For BigFoot are educatioanl or helpful to our planet? What are they going to do when they find Bigfoot? Ask for an autograph? How insulting to our intelligence to even have such shows. PLease look into bring the show back with new episodes. It is so wonderful, interesting, enlightening and heartfelt. Please!

    1. Kate

      Respectfully to all who post here, write to the networks or sponsors, not only on a blog they will never see. I see many posts here that are well written by obviously intelligent, articulate people. Send these where they will do some good (they can be emailed), I did! If they got more feedback and people would stop watching the garbage they put on, maybe they would go back to the programing they used to have. The “reality” shows they put on are evidently cheap to produce and people watch them, why I cannot imagine. Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and TLC are all from the same network umbrella. Demand better programming, after all we are paying for it one way or another.

  51. nancy peeterson

    you need to bring the show BACK. The shows that are onthe animal planet most insult human intelligence. Eugene showed that he really cared for the chimps and we would like to see him and the show back on

  52. Caroline Ferreira

    I too have watched the episodes over and over. I don’t understand what has happened and no new episodes are airing. I can’t believe the junk that is being shown on the animal planet now. This show, with Eugene and Philip, is so enlightining and entertaining. It has been replaced with JUNK JUNK JUNK. Please won’t somebody bring back this show.

  53. I’m curious too. I’ve watched this show religiously over the last 12 months. It’s February 2012. What has happened at Chimp Eden? Have the chimps already housed there been rehabilitated and taken to other (original?) sites?
    I admire Eugene and his family’s efforts to re-habilitate the chimps into the wild. Where are they now and what are their prospects as far as re-establishing breeding groups to grow their numbers?

    Thank you for your information.

    1. Kate

      If you go to – http://www.chimpeden.com you can read observation notes on the daily activities at Chimp Eden, there is also a question section, blog, etc. There is a facebook page updated daily. Vimeo has some short vidios. Eugene is conspicuously missing from any of these (run by Philip Cronke and his son Marc) and any questions about Eugene are ignored. Jessica is not there anymore either. You all need to remember that the last episode was filmed in 2007 so the chimps are much older now !

  54. Michael Tudisco

    I also was very much into Chimp Eden and wish it was still being made. I have not watched animal planet once since they stopped the show with no details on why? I also spread the word around to as many people as possible not to watch animal planet anymore. I burned all shows of Chimp Eden on disk so when I watch them they dont get any credit for the ratings on their early morning re-runs. I’ve even told families that I know that children watch animal planet that animal planet abuses animals and to boycott them and it has been working. They are ratings whores and all of their current programming is total garbage. Eugene you are a good dude and may God bless you. I really miss old Jao, he was my favorite Chimp, I hope he and all of the Chimps are in great health.

    1. I seen what happened yesterday on a rerun Ugene was talking to a camera guy who was rolling ,and he said kinda laughing ya know i need a day job ,sometimes i wonder how long my luck is gonna hold out .in reference to a rescue he just finished . rescue of a chimp that is scared and crazy angery,how long befor he gets bit in the neck and leaves planet EARTH. Eugene is doing whatever it is he wants probly being married w children .

  55. linda and rich d tokarski

    we want our eugene and chimps back as well as the orangutans whats up with this getting us educated and growing to love them all then yall leave us all hanging whats up with that bring them back please

  56. Kate

    FYI I wrote to Animal Planet voicing the same objections as most of you. See below for a copy of their reply.

    Jan 19, 2010

    Dear Viewer,

    Thank you for contacting Animal Planet and for your interest in Escape To
    Chimp Eden. Currently, there are no plans for a season three of Escape To
    Chimp Eden.

    At Animal Planet we are extremely proud to have brought a hero such as
    Eugene Cussons and the work he does on behalf of chimps to a larger world
    audience. We are extremely committed to Eugene and the chimps in addition
    to Dr. Jane Goodall with whom we have worked for many years to raise
    awareness of the plight of not only chimps but other primates.

    As a television network, we aim to enlighten, inform and entertain our
    audience and connect them to the animal world in a deep and meaningful way.
    We feel we were able to accomplish that with two seasons of Escape To Chimp
    Eden and hope to find other avenues to continue to feature chimpanzees and
    the heroic work being done to save them around the world.

    We wish all our viewers were as passionate and dedicated to our programming
    as you are and hope that you will continue to find Animal Planet
    programming enriching and meaningful.


    Viewer Relations
    Animal Planet

    A reply to this message will not be answered. If you have additional
    questions or comments, please go to our webform at

    About all I see on Animal Planet, Discovery, TLC are reality shows about stupid humans, gives new meaning to ‘The Learning Channel’. Pretty pathetic. They could at least do yearly updates for the fans. I also would like to know what has happened to the Orangutans from Orangutan Island. The fans are just left hanging.

    Thanks for the forum to vent!

  57. paula

    Looks to me AP is joining the ranks of the other networks… Creating so-called reality TV instead staying on track of teaching & being informative concerning all the earths creatures, and the important role they play in the earths environment.. I find AP plastering photo’s, comments, TV schedules, etc., on the Animal Planet website almost insulting to viewers intelligence.. By promoting 2 much loved cancelled (a year ago!!) programs such as Escape To Chimp Eden & Orangutan Island, only to feature “old news”seems like a bait & switch tactic only to expose their “reality made” newer shows.. Not to mention encouraging/luring loyal fans to the AP website via search engines (when we do a search for ETCE & OI) for keeping/adding popularity to their website hits… Why else would a network continue to promote shows that were looong ago cancelled, with no hopes for the shows return??

    1. ann

      I whole heartily agree with you on your opinions–their programs has gone the way of entertaining and informational programming-is it all for the sake or ratings? Ann

      1. Pam Lister

        I agree with both you Paula and Ann. For that reason I’m boycotting AP until they get back to the programming of shows about animals instead of the people who want to just make a quick buck for their stupid ideas that involve animals. Like Turtle Man.


  58. KAM

    Why can’t I even find the DVD’s to purchase??
    I wrote to AP over a year ago asking to buy them and they told me they had no plans to release them. WTF??
    Moved back to Australia and without cable can’t watch the re-runs- I would over and over, miss the show, wish it would continue…

    1. kitty

      Kam go to eugene’s facebook page and you wil find all the info that you need. and you can even ask your questions there. its a fanpage but run by eugene himself
      greets kitty

  59. VICKI


  60. ann

    Again I say—Please please bring back chimps—-still watching and noticed that it looks like there are snippets of different film—my offer still stands to do dishes if you bring the program back=Ann

  61. Beth Rose

    I LOVE your show SO MUCH!!!! I have watched for many months & reruns are all I have. Just now checking out your website, hope to find updates on the chimps for whom I’ve grown so fond. God BLESS you all, & I am so glad you shared with us what you are doing via tv I am SO in love with you all I am in love with all of you, & know most of you by name

  62. Let me not criticize my neighbor until I have the full story–the staff are hardly “trainers” Perhaps I’m wrong but I believe that the intent is to let them develop back to “wild” chimps as much as possible plus they come in under the Jane Goodall foundation and I’m sure they are monitored by the foundation-still enjoying the re-runs=Ann T

  63. Night Watcher

    I like the show, but I think the trainer is an idiot for letting zack abuse the other chimps. The trainer tries to explain it’s normal for dominance, but also admits zack takes it too far – Of course zack takes it too far, the trainer found him chained up for 17 years old addicted to cigarettes and alcohol – and probably abused as well – So what the trainer’s doesn’t realize, that sort of abuse will obviously be passed down and projected onto the very young chimps. This guys exploits the chimps too for money he gets for having them on the show. Zac should be put to sleep (he’s mentally unstable and violent). Would love to put the trainer in their with zack to get his head beaten on, to see how it feels – maybe then he would stop letting zack abuse the other baby chimps. All the trainer knows how to say is “calm down”…duh.

  64. ann terwilliger

    I so agree with you about visiting Chimp Eden–if I had not retired I would be saving up like crazy to visit—-it would be worth the thousands it would have cost—so I continue to watch the reruns–sure hope it comes back on with at least updates–Bless Cuzzons and all who are so dedicated to chimp preservation! Ann

  65. shelli lucas

    I would also love to know what happened to the show!!!!! I live in Texas and have never seen anything such as the animals in africa. I would give my right arm, wait I’m right handed, I’ve give my left arm if I could ever be so honored to visit such a place and hold a baby chimp!!!! My husband would never fork the dough for me to do such an awesome, once in a life time trip, maybe I will win the lottery, right!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and eugene and phillip and the rest, my hats off to ya’ll <————that texas accent. May God continue to bless and protect you all!! Shelli lucas

      1. Cheryl Jagger

        I think it is fascinating to watch, learn, and enjoy watching Escape to Chimp Eden, Orangutan Island, any animals shows where you actually learn about the animals personalities, etc…. I wish they would do an up to date show on what has happened to the ones that we get to watch now, the ones they have released, and so on…. :-)

  66. Donna Mcguire

    I am as curious as the other viewers. Sme people may look at this as just another reality show but to me its a history lesson and just as important as the news going on in the rest of the world. Watching the different shows on Animal Planet made me aware of how the extinction of just one species can effect the whole ecosystem of out planet. Who would think that one little ant that you really never see could change the way our whole world works if they are extinct. I have also learned that the chimps shown onthis show are no different from us when it comes to feelings like stress and trauma. I didnt know that they were killed for bushmeat. Anyone tha eats primates should put themselves on the list as a cannibal and anybody that thinks its fashionable to have a large gorilla hand as an ashtray should let me cut their hand off and debut it as an ashtray at my next get together. I hope Eugene and and family, including his staff and father, are all doing well

  67. Erik

    Please please bring chimp Eden back! I just now started watching, LOVE it & know if properly advertised it would be a hit! I’d never heard of it until recently & I watch alot of animal planet so not enough people got the chance to fall in love w/ them!

  68. I was just watching the re-runs on Chimp Eden when a commercial came on for Hillbilly Handfishing—I thought the same thing- while the people who do this seem to be enjoying it-I prefer to see things that are informative and at the same time just plain fun to watch–come on Animal Planet at least do as a prior person has said–at least do an update so we can get caught up with what is going on at Chimp Eden——if you do :I will do the “dishes” for five years–is it a deal?

  69. Rhonda Weaver

    I can not believe such a great show is not still running!!!! What is wrong with Animal Planet? Escape was such an educating show, I still enjoy watching the reruns!! Please bring this show back! How could anyone in their right mind want to watch Hillbilly Handfishing over a wonderful, informative “real” show like Escape to Chimp Eden? Please reconsider bringing the show back or atleast do a special update show on the chimp’s we all fell in love with! Thank You!!!!

  70. Escape to Chimp Eden without question is one of the best shows I have seen on
    Animal Planet–I continue to watch the re-runs but do wish we could go to a new series on the Chimp Eden shows–I would love to know how the chimps and human type people are doing–it is without a doubt one of the most informative programs that can be enjoyed by people from toddler to Gramma’s like me—please please can’t a sponser for this show be found—–Ann

  71. Iceman


  72. pam downing


  73. kina

    Please animal planet you need to bring escape to chimp eden back
    and take some of the other shows off that no one likes to watch.
    Chimp Eden was the best animal show on t.v

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  76. It is so sad that two of the best programs on Animal Planet is no longer being shown Escape to Chimp Island and Orgatang(sp) Island I do hope there will be a change in programming and both shows will again be seen-Ann

    1. I have a really good idea take those stupid hillbillies off the air the snake loving preacher and give us the chimps for that hour. Because those shows are non educational and down rite stupid. Please do you think the americans are stupid and want to watch stupid stuff like that i dont. i want to watch escape to chimp eden PLEASE.

  77. Stephanie

    Awe….I’m so sad. It looks like Escape to Chimp Eden must be cancelled. I just started watching it on Netflix and I’m hooked. I started searching the internet to find out how many seasons there are…and all I’m finding are people begging that Animal Planet brings it back on.

    It’s sad that a show this positive get’s cut when we have so much garbage on TV now days. I guess we only give the people what they demand right?

  78. Michelle

    I don’t understand how*dull* Merkat mannor could stay on for so long and not chimp eden. Chimp eden was a fantastic enlightening show and like the rest of you grew attached, the show made me cry, laugh all sorts of emotions, please bring it back!!

  79. pam arsenault

    Where did you go? I have been recovering from severe depression and depend on chimp Eden and orangatan island to get out of bed. I’m sure that I am not the only one.

  80. heidy

    what happened to chimp eden.
    That is the only show I was forward to watching.
    Every morning I got up early before work to watch this show.
    I want to know if the show is coming back.
    I miss it.
    Please, bring it back

  81. Sarah H.

    I love the show. If they took it off for another show thats stupid. There are many people who love the show! Bring it back Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Maureen Cronin

    I make it a point to be up by 5am so I can watch Orangutan Island and Chimp Eden. Is there any hope these shows will be returning?

  83. Aja Mynor

    I love this show and Eugene and the Chimps. I whish there were updates on their progress and how close to is Eugene to setting any chimps free.

  84. Gina

    I just recently began to watch Orangutan Island and Escape to Chimp Eden. They are on here – in the middle of the night on Animal Planet. I love both shows. Very much. I miss them on the weekends when there is no show. I sure hope they do not stop showing these programs. I love Chimps especially Cozi!

  85. margie

    2/3/11 I faithfully watched this show …I, too, feel the fans are owed some update regarding the people and chimps. To invested time and emotion into both, and be left in the dark, is really a poor “response.”

  86. joanne squire

    come on please dont take this program away from us after all the work they day who else will try and save the poor things,they dont deserve to be treated this way i have watch this programme for ages and to me they do feel like family i use to watch them at 2.30am and 6am when i carnt sleep because of severe pain i carnt get out much so this program use to make my day so please dont do this to us big monkey fans we need to nw if the staff and cozi sally ect are all doing ok and eugene and his family i feel so sad for him after all he has done please eugene could you email me and let me now how you all are doing thank you

    1. The show is not returning as far as I know. Eugene has facebook page that I follow. He posted the information that ETCI will not be returning to TV at least this year.

  87. johnnbrandy

    i had no idea this was an ongoing issue i started watching approx. 7 mos. ago and quickly became a fan! This show as another post said really brightens and makes my day better as these chimps have become a part of my life. I really hope it is not as it seems and has not been cancelled for future seasons. I tivo this show as i’m afraid somehow i will miss an episode that is not on at 6:30 am, and it used to be on 5 days a week till just here in the past few weeks now its on 2 mornings i believe, if this is a money issue for mr. cussons or a contract issue with animal planet, maybe an advertised live viewer forum may offer new perspectives and help?!? the convicts and pitbulls recv’d help certainly the chimpanzees are worthy of this too, just a book on my thoughts..and a prayer for new episodes.

  88. Toni

    I start each morning with Organutan Island & Escape to Chimp Eden! Two of the Best Programs in the industry of television. Finally defining the best of mankind and our animal kingdom. Cudos to Animal Planet for getting it but let’s not lose it to greed and ignorance. This world needs more of this type education and exposure in order to survive the negativity and hatred that is growing. Please keep them both!

  89. tere@nakia.net

    I loved escape to chimp eden. I love everything about it. I always chuckled at cozi. I cried when abu died and geda. You get good educational plus entertainment with this program. I got to the point they felt like family to me and now I can’ t see them. The petition closed is a pity, if I had known sooner I would have signed it.


  90. lynn belding

    PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK TO TV. I have just recently found it in re-runs and it has become my favorite show EVER!!!!!

    I LOVE the humans and the chimps.

  91. collette cummings

    Please dont cancel this program! IT AMAZING!
    All the hard work eugene and staff do 4 these AMAZING CHIMPS
    is the most enlightening thing in the world.
    I Have sever depression. But watchin chimp eden used 2 B the only thing that would cheer me up 4 the hole day. I really miss this program. if i didn’t have my problems
    I would dedacate my life
    as a volunteer. I’d like 2 say a BIG thank you 2 everyone at chimp eden and wish everybody the best in the future. especially the chimps. x X-)

  92. Cara Noel

    WHY?i want to see the adorable Ugene, Toni,Cozi,Martha,Charlie,Zach etc!!
    now, all animal planet ever has is “planet earth” and this other stupid stuff thats not even animals! NO I DONT CARE ABOUT BIG CAT DIARY, HAUNTINGS,MOST EXTREME OR WHATEVER! it used to be oon everyday at 6am, and 6:30am, until now. they have orangutan island on now in the morining, and its actually sort of good. but i need my daily dose of ugene and toni!!

  93. Donna Marshall

    Please dont cancel this show. This is one of the best animal showes on the air. Why? I will stop watching animal planet all together if this show is canceled. This man and his staff are wonderful. I ‘m 60 years old and have gotten lots of people to watch including all my 7 grandkids, Bring this show back. Why do stations like this get rid of the good. Please contact me Mr. Cussons. At this email address we love you here in Va. Donna Marshall

    1. Cindy E.

      I am aware they canceled the show. I am sure it was because of the attack they had there. Yes Amadeus and Nikki attacked a visitor,biting fingers off and many many others bites. The visitor had his back turned away from the electric fence. The two chimps grabbed his feet and dragged him under the fence. He was messed up pretty bad. They have NOT put the chimps down. I really hate that happened, I really love that show. I MISS COZI !!!!!!!!!

  94. Brenda S Beck

    It is such an important program , I wish to see more of what theyare doing about the terrible treatment of these gradcous animals

  95. Suzanne

    Yes! We all want to know – Whap Happened?? This was the Best show ever aired on Animal Planet and it disappeared with No Warning!

    I say, “No Fair” to the chimps, the show and the viewers!

  96. Jennie Walker

    I still don’t understand why the show is no longer on the air, has the show been cancelled? This was families favorite show, we waited every week till it came on and all of watched it together. I believe we all deserve answers. I myself am disgusted by Animal Planet by not providing any information.

    1. I agree…I woke up early every morning to watch that show and the oragatan island show too (bad spelling lol)..I work till midnight, but still got up early to watch them after only a couple hrs. sleep…..i am mad about the shows being cancled or whatever happened. I was even dealin with the fact that it was all re-runs with the promise of new shows at some point…then poof! they were all gone one morning! i was distrought…even depressed…i got attached to those damn monkees hahaha (i know i know…chimps)..anyone find out since these blogs what happeneed? I’d be interested to know..tks! Shame on animal planet if they cancled them…shame shame… tired of re-run after re-run of i shouldn’t be alive…how stupid..”Animal Planet”..duh show some animals!

      1. Colleen Utter

        I totally agree! Monday through Friday at 3:30 am I watch the reruns. Wish you guys had a text-based website for those of us who use screen readers and can’t follow the live videos. Miss you guys.

  97. I want Escape to chimp island back . I can not figure out why a great show is not being aired. Everyone wants this planet saved start with the animals. This is a GREAT SHOW !!! I do no that I’m not happy with the Animal Planet . What is with a show about hauntings . Or all day Planet earth. I want to see animals that is why I watch it. Good hope to see it back on again. Thank You Carolyn Kane

    1. Becky G.

      Check your local listings. Animal Planet is still showing Chimp Eden. They only film so meny in a season. Right now they are busy filming for the new season. You can go on line to JGI.com or Chimp Eden.com to see more about the chimps and what is happening. They have daily reports posted about how the chimps are doing. You can chat on line with Phillip and some of the handlers about the chimps.
      I have discovered that there are 9 facilities in the US that take in an rehabilitate Chimps that are being DISCARDED by the biomedical & entertainment industries. These are chimps that have been used in medical vaccine testing. Some were tortured in the name of medical science. These are chimps that have spent, as much as, 30 years in cages and tested on, poked, proded, & turned in to breeding facories. They have been subjected to diseases, chemical burns, and physical abuses. When they are no longer needed they are caged up, discarded or wherehoused and fed once/twice per week.
      If you really want to do something meaningful, Help out. These facilities need volunteers, supplies, and support. They need to be larger. The population of discarded chimps in the US. is in the thousands. I will bet that every product you have in your bathroom was tested on Chimps even your toilet paper. These chimps sacraficed their existance so you can live a more convienent life. Don’t we owe them!
      To get the list of Chimp Sanctuaries in the US. Google “Chimp sanctuaries United States”, then click on the humane Society webpage titled: “Volunteers at a Chimp Sacturary”

      1. Karen Poole

        Wow, I had no idea! In my area of Southern California I JUST found the show on Animal Planet, I don’t think it was showing until recently but the shows that are airing are dated 2008!! I would love to see more recent shows then this aired on my local channel maybe I will have to contact the station.

      2. LaNell Barrett

        Donna Galbo summed up my feelings about all dealing with Chimp Eden, from the chimps to the humans~! But I do understand there are abused animals of all sorts in every country.
        I wish Animal Planet and other channels would pick up on Chimp Eden, and also shows concerning other highly intelligent animal groups. Elephants would be my next pick. Along with whales and underwater creatures that are HORRIBLY affected by things the military does. Anyway, bring BACK CHIMP EDEN AND ORANGUTANG ISLAND. A lot of us are
        very distraught with Animal Planet over the change from TRUE animal shows to garbage they have somehow dredged up for our ‘viewing’.

  98. Donna Galbo

    Here it is January 2010 and all of Chimp Eden’s fans are still in the dark about what has happened to this show. Not just the show itself, but in real life, please someone give us even a general explanation as to whether or not the people who wanted to stop the show have won. Has Eugene been forced to abandon his effort??? If so, for what reasons? If specifics cannot be divulged, at least give us the general reasons such as political, legal, some sort of tragedy, etc. Mostly please let us know if all of the people who were on the show are OK and what they are doing now. And, naturally, are the chimps OK? Not knowing is miserable for all of us fans who faithfully watched.

    1. kathy O

      I to want to know what has happened to the show,the show and the people and chimps who did so very much to open the eyes of the world to the suffering that is ocurring to chimps around the world.

      1. I have been looking for anything about Series 2 –I have the DVD for series 1 and LOVE it… I want to know if they are ever going to air again. This show is Great and very enjoyable……FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY …

      2. carlo guapo

        there’s so much to learn about the sad experiences these talented animals had to go through. We humans can learn so much about the ugliness of this world and find the beauty inspite of the cruelty around us. This show has so much humanity that viewers like me are hoping the network will put it back on air.

      3. GGMA

        LOVE the series and I’ve watched every episode several times. Eugene Philip and staff obviously really care about the chimps. Want to see more!

      4. it is stupid what animal planet has replaced my monkey shows with . things that creep my youngens into night mares . Hillbilly I believe is a derogatory term . I am very proud to be southern born.

      5. Karen burnett

        What would be the most honest answer for Animal Planet to have not renewed Escape to Chimp Eden or is that absolutely to much to ask for?
        Invested a lot of hours and convinced grown adults, children, and many family members to watch just to have it disappear without an answer…..

      6. Melissa Riley

        My heart goes out to Escape To Chimp Eden i’ve been watching this show since 2008 and was hooked from the very beginning.Just to see and be educationed on how bad chimps where being treated broke this animal lovers heart.But to know that there is a place chimps can go means that some people care enough to break this cycle of hurting or keeping these smart animals for pets.Please support Escape To Chimp Eden

      7. Laura Lee F.

        Come on, folks. You cannot leave me hanging!! I want to know more about what Eugene is doing with the chimps. More…more…and more!
        Stop the haunting shows Animal Planet and give us back Escape to Chimp Eden!! Please. And thank you.

      8. larry bennett

        please return chimp eden to the air! It was the only show that really shows and tells it like it is about these poor chimps that need our help! The idiot yank that jumped inside the enclosure is to blame not the show or its people….why punish us all?

    2. it comes on animal planet at 6;30am monday-friday in Richland,Washington and i hope it will never go off the air.I do wish it would come on later and not so early. but if that is what i half to do thats what ill do.

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