President Obama – Your Turn: Join the National Online Discussion on Health Care Reform

Call or email and speak UP! We need to get this changed. WE NEED SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE! HR676.

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Civilization by Marco Brambilla

Civilization, a video mural created for the new Standard hotel in New York City, depicts a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage. This epic video mural contains over 300 individual channels of looped video blended into a multi-layered seamless tableau of interconnecting images that illustrate a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of Heaven and Hell.

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Dancing Inmate’s Michael Jackson tribute

A tribute performed by 1,500 CPDRC Inmates on June 27, 2009 in memory of Michael Jackson. Completed in 10 hours after receiving word that the King of Pop passed away. May he always be remembered. “Ben” and “I’ll be there” were sung by Michael when he was still younger! “We are the World” was composed and organized by MJ.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why are there so many Philippine prisoners. It looks like a  incarcerated the whole bloody city.

This is late

But I have been in shock somewhat.  I didn’t know Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson yet I did. I grew up with them on my TV screen.  TV was a huge part of my life when I was a kid. It was a huge part of everybody life’s back in the 70’s.   Farrah Fawcett I watched become a strong independent women and mother. While I watched Michael Jackson become controlled and eccentric recluse who hated his own face.  His face changing every time I saw pictures of him.  I never saw either of them in public but on the TV they never escaped my gaze.

I never missed an episode of Charlies Angels and even knew the girl that doubled for Farrah on the skateboard.

Michael and those hips! the way he could move. the way he could sing. The Moon walk!  It was all new and exciting back then. Michael and his brothers in those beautiful costumes singing and dancing  with those wild afro’s on Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Sonny and Cher.  Life changes and rapidly.

I only hope that both were happy for a time.  I know that Farrah died from a horrible disease, painful and unfair and has yet again convinced me that there is no god.  I wish there was because I know some nuns that are going to be mighty, mighty pissed off when they find out there isn’t.

I hope they feel peace now. I hope there really is a better place we all go when we go.

I will miss them,  the electricity in the air has changed so much of it is missing now.