Self Appointed Pain in the Ass.

Somebody better hire me and quick because now that I’m unemployed I have become a Self Appointed Pain in the Ass.

To Corporations that is.

I now have the time to wait the “Extended wait times” or “the unusually long wait times” and I can now put my phone on speaker and wait for the “next available service representative to help me”. I can now wait comfortably though the “unusually high calls in their call centers”. To have the next Customer service rep fix the bookkeeping mistake the Corporation made on purpose to extort more money from the customer.

I now have the time to pull dented and bulging cans from the shelves of the Local Fred Meyers store. FOR THE 3rd Time in a week! Since I had to pull the same dented cans from the same shelf 3 times in one week I felt it necessary to inform the manager. Manager tells me that “they do not put dented cans on the shelves that they send the dented cans back to the manufacturer for a credit”. She goes on to blame the Freight Crew. Which I quickly correct her saying Sorry to tell you this but I have been shopping in the light of day not the night shift where the Freight crew works. Nope, sorry, it’s someone working during the day shift. HER SHIFT! Stop blaming the night crew!

Today I’m taking on KAISER PERMANENTE! This has been an on going thing since we got our health insurance though Kaiser. Kaiser keeps making mistakes. Good thing none of them have been life threatening but every mistake lowers my confidence in Kaiser being a Health Care COMPANY that I want doing any kind of medical anything to my body, mind or spirit. Kaiser has that commercial that “they want you thrive!” I don’t see that when I have to deal with Kaiser at all. I get weird responses to my medical questions and handed mistake after mistake after costly mistake. (The cost of course is always charged to me) Not to mention the time and energy it takes to get someone to listen to what is going on. It’s the amount and frequency of the mistakes that I feel compelled to expose to some higher up that makes more money than any of us will ever make in our lifetime. I point it out because… I can. I HAVE THE TIME and we should all be pointing out the mistakes SO THAT They can do the JOB they get paid so bloody much to do. MANAGE, or Administrate. So really sick or injured people don’t have to try and fix a mistake while trying to heal. So the elderly don’t end up taking 14 prescriptions sometimes two or more being the same drug. So you don’t get prescribed so much medicine that you have no way of disposing of the left over… SAFELY. ie: not in the water supply or in our garbage dumps to leak into our soil. The CEO’s and Managers of these Corporations are not doing what they are getting paid to do in my opinion.

So I have become a Corporation worst nightmare. A women with TIME on her hands.
OH YEAH! Self Appointed Pain in the ASS! : ] And Loving it.


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