7 thoughts on “Waiting for Armageddon Part 1

  1. I don’t know, I think I want to hear about fucking Jesus Christ, as long as it’s about fucking , Jesus Christ. I have never heard of Jesus’s sex-Capades! It might be kind of entertaining. Like maybe he does it while on the cross or something. LOL! ; ]

  2. Yes, they ones that are doing the actively seeking part…. and Badgering I think their should an anti badgering law. You know the type… “Well if you don’t take Jesus into your heart you will die and go to hell” I think those remarks should have you go to jail but a hefty fine might shut them up. Like cussing in public and get you a ticket. It’s considered a verbal assault so should talking it up to someone who does not want to hear it. HOly shit I think I’m a communist! : ]

    1. ha. you might be. there should be an anti badgering law, like how there’s a no call list. it pisses me off when someone wakes me up on a saturday afternoon, knocking at my door, just to tell me about fucking Jesus Christ.

      yeah, i know about jesus, and i don’t care.

    1. i watched all 7 parts… these people are one of the biggest threats to peace, love, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. i’ve heard these types claim that there’s a war against Christianity, and they make me wish that it were true, at least for their particular sect.

    2. Oh I so agree with that. In fact I think Churches and it’s followers should be tried for terrorism. They are actively seeking to overthrow the
      US Government and actively seeking Armageddon. Scary shit.

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