5 thoughts on “The True Core Of The Jesus Myth | Christopher Hitchens

  1. Christian hell? How arrogant are you? To think that every other religion on the planet is wrong, aside from yours of course.

    Evolution has given you the power of logic… use it dude.

    1. Sionce I don’t follow religion, I have no religion and
      It’s not arrogant, it’s being able to tell the truth, and the truth is, is that there is no god. And those who believe in Him/her are arrogant while being ignorant.

    1. Mike, you have no way of knowing that. It is a pure guess, and a ridiculous guess at that. I wish all you religious types would ‘fess up and admit that you know deep down you are making it all up.

      I’m not going to heaven, I’m going to a massive hole in the ground to rot just like you and every other animal in the universe are.

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