Newtown is proof that nothing will change US gun laws

If the murder of scImagehoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut didn’t prompt the US Congress to pass stricter regulations on firearms, writes Tim Krieder for the Week, then the Isla Vista killings certainly won’t.

“Look, we’ve collectively decided, as a country, that the occasional massacre is OK with us,” writes the author of the book We Learn Nothing, a collection of essays and cartoons about the “dark truths of the human condition”. “It’s the price we’re willing to pay for our precious Second Amendment freedoms.”

He continues:

We’re content to forfeit the lives of a few dozen schoolkids a year as long as we get to keep our guns. The people have spoken, in a cheering civics-class example of democracy in action.

He doesn’t blame the National Rifle Association or politicians for the situation. They’re just capitalizing on the apathy of a US public that doesn’t care enough about the issue to do anything about it.