Open Letter to the Advertisers.

Use to be you could watch a bit of TV and they would play a few commercials. Then it became that we paid to watch commercials with the advent of cable. There became more of them and played louder then the program you were watching. I got rid of my TV because of it.

NOW we have the pleasure of opening a web page only to have Ad after Ad come blaring though our speakers. I for one consider it Domestic terrorism. I truly do.  The reason is because they keep people in a constant state of Agitation. It disturbs what little peace their is in the world. It’s a form of torture to have messages bombarding us every step we take. It’s time to stop.  There should be a limit on how much and how often a corporation can advertise.  We have limits.  So why can’t the corporations have limits to how they can abuse their customer base.  It is abuse,  This is a tactic they use in the Military and by police to induce pain on their subjects.  Adverts do the same thing.  And really everything that is advertised I have a tenancy not to buy just out of spite. Might be something a corporation might want to take into consideration.  I can’t be the only one affected by advertising and the god awful amount of it.


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