Protester With A Gun At Obama Town Hall 8-11-09

What a Jack ASS! I’ve seen one President gunned down dead. I don’t want to see another one shot dead by some dumb fuck with a god damn GUN! The guy just need attention. Doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.

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Ashton Kutcher Ruined Twitter (At least for me)

GAG!  What is with Ashton Kutcher? How much attention does he need? First he posts video about his spoiled rampage of being awakened to hammering at the ungodly hour of 7:00am then post an apology about his rampage. Posts pictures of his wife’s ass and  now he has gone and started a race to the “most followers war” that has become embarrassing and redundant.  Like he can even keep up with a million “friends” it’s just a way of keeping his name in the papers.  Shouldn’t he be making a movie or something?  Maybe do some guest appearances or something? Even Sesame Street would be good at this point.

Just get him the fuck off Twitter so it can be tweet like it was before.  Most of the friends following my tweets are advertisers!  Thanks Ashton! I don’t really have anything to say like Ashton does.  But then I’m the one banging a hammer at 7:00am some of us have to work for a living.  Somebody find something for this boy to do PLEASE! Maybe he could roof the house?

Nicolle Wallace Dumb ass of the day

Why Is Obama Apologizing for Us?
“Europeans aren’t better than Americans—so I can’t figure out why our president is saying sorry to them instead of explaining what makes our country great.”

Why is Nicolle Wallace asking why this question?  Is it that she is too young to have seen all of the shit America has to apologize for? Has she not been living in the states for the past 8 years? No, I think it’s so she can appear controversial and have something to say.   To keep her name in the papers.  No one really cares what she has to say because she is clueless. Obama did not apologize for America, he apologized for Americas actions.  She rambles on and on about European tourists have been known to hit dogs in Central Park,  and how Liberal and Conservatives don’t see eye to eye on this issue.  When in truth Conservatives are the only ones making this into an issue. It’s the people like Nicolle Wallace,  Ann Coulter,  Rush Limpballs and Shawn Hannitey or our country that America has to keep apologizing for and the bile they spew.

She really should try listening or reading what the President said before swinging wildly at a subject she knows nothing about.  She’s just a younger Ann Coulter spewing right wing talking points she as heard second hand from right wing hacks like Glen Beck.

Nicole… I’m asking you to write the speech you would have liked the President to read to Europe.  You tell us what is SO GREAT about America that everyone hasn’t already shoved down their throats.  Maybe you could go on and on about our WONDERFUL health care system, or maybe our housing market and jobs, or how about our Capitalistic system of doing business, or how we have such a wonderful way of producing food and medicine. How we don’t pollute any other countries or have Military bases in almost every country.  YES, Nicolle do tell us what speech you’d want to hear.  Would it start with “Um” and move onto, uh…duh…I’m a cowboy from America!”   We’ve tried it that way for 8 years.  That’s why Obama has to go around an Apologize for Americas actions today!  DOH!

READ HER CRAP here if you feel like wasting time